Pioneers in leveraging
New Data sources


25 years of investments

Continuum Capital Partners combines 25 years of crossover investing with the innovative application of data science and new data sources. We blend an investment mindset with data science methodologies to identify a wide number of target companies, both public and private. With our unique combination of investing and AI, we can analyze a large universe of companies and make better investment decisions.

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Crossover investing

FundInvesting in the entire company journey

From seed venture investments, to startups, to transformational investments, to investments in public companies, Continuum's experience spans the entire company lifecycle.

ChartsExpertise across multiple economic cycles

Continuum believes in fundamental investing, and has been successfully investing across multiple economic cycles.

LensDeep domain knowledge

We have a deep understanding of the companies we invest in and the markets they operate in; we often served on the Board of Directors of similar companies

CoinThe Principal's capital

Based on our track record, Continuum is in the position to invest only the principal’s capital.


Leveraging New Data Sources

The digital footprint of every business is rapidly growing every day. The explosion in data being generated by every business, its employees, customers, suppliers, and competitors is astounding: from company websites News, to user reviews, to social feeds, online ad spend, web traffic, and patent filings. Continuum works with its data science and software development teams around the world to identify the most insightful breadcrumbs companies leave behind and to integrate them into its investing algorithms.

Innovative application of Data Science

FundBeyond Investment Intuition

Continuum is at the forefront of leveraging a fact-based approach to validate its investment intuition with data and algorithms

FundMachine learning

Data science underpins this fact-based approach and it assumes the use of the latest ML models.

FundCloud Computing

We take advantage of easy access to cloud computing and storage and capitalize on the new troves of open source software released every few weeks to make machine learning better and easier to use.