Leveraging Unique Capabilities

A Unique Lens

We analyze investment opportunities with a unique lens, combining three distinct capabilities:

  • Deep tech domain knowledge and operational experience
  • We understand technology shifts; we bring insider domain knowledge as we experience how these companies are built over time through multiple company lifecycles.

  • Successful investment track record across VC, PE, and Public Markets for over 20 years
  • Positive returns throughout several economic and investment environments

  • Data analytics
  • Integrating publicly available information with internal company data, social intelligence, and a proprietary set of analytic models

Our Investment Strategy

We have an international perspective to evaluate investment decisions based on global potential.

We believe in a highly-concentrated portfolio and pursue only a handful of exceptional investment ideas each year.

Over the years, we have been involved in different types of transactions (PIPE, buyout, carve-out) of any size, either independently or with capital partners.

Our investment strategy has consistently generated superior returns for its investors through several market cycles since the firm’s inception in 2009.