Better investment decisions powered by Data Science and AI


Data Science Investment Engine© is focused on the creation of models and algorithms to support the investment activities of Continuum Capital.

Its secret sauce is a unique combination of highly skilled data science and software architecture teams, a repeatable process, and a proprietary software platform.


Why we use it

It enables better investment decisions. It allows for a repeatable process while optimizing for cost. It reduces the complexity of developing investment algorithms.


What it is

We are proud of our innovative lab! Our global teams blend investment domain knowledge with the latest data science approaches and world-class design of software systems. Our process leverages Agile development techniques to accelerate the development time for algorithms. Our software platform is architected to automate the entire process


How we use it

We extensively use Open Source software components. We take advantage of cloud computing. We leverage the global talent pool.

From data to algorithms: using a proprietary software platform


Data Acquisition Engine

Enables automated data collection of structured and unstructured data.


Analytic Engine

Enables investment data analysis


Machine Learning Engine

Focuses on feature engineering and execution of ML models


Data Bus

Allows seamless data sharing


Data Repositories

Allow for different data formats


Action Interface

Interfaces with investment team